Volunteer with Tahlequah Main Street Association

Wild West Fall Fest

November 3rd, 2018
This is our biggest event of the year! It is meant to foster inclusion and acceptance for people with disabilities in the Tahlequah area through inclusive play!
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Registration is still open until positions are filled. It is important for each volunteer to be careful of language and attitude at this event. Many of our attendees are non-verbal and may not interact well. Please be considerate of invisible disabilities and the neurodiversity you will encounter at this event. If you need recorded service hours, please BRING DOCUMENTS to the event for signatures as we do not have an office for volunteers to visit for signatures at a later date. Our secretary will be under the Green Country Funeral Home tent near Sam & Ella's and she will be happy to fill out your forms at the event. We are glad to have your help at our event and hope that you enjoy volunteering with our group at our biggest event of the year.